Alia Mohamed

Dakini Dreams

So, I made mix of some of my favorite psychedelic sounds inspired by the middle east and beyond. Check it out! You can listen below or click here to download.


1. El Jardia – Johnny Pate
(Shaft in Africa OST)

2. Streets of Calcutta – Ananda Shankar
(Ananda Shankar and his music)

3. Yaylalar – Selda

4. Another Country – Demon Fuzz

5. The Oud & The Fuzz – John Berberian And The Rock East Ensemble
(Middle Eastern Rock)

6. Caravan – Piero Umiliani
(Musica Elettronica Vol.1)

7. The Daughter of the Nile – Sonny Lester Orchestra
(How to Belly Dance)

8. Sortileges – Roger Roger
(Musique Des Îles)

9. White Rabbit – Gabor Szabo & The California Dreamers
(Wind, Sky And Diamonds)

10. Wax & Wane – Dorothy Ashby
(The Rubaiyat Of Dorothy Ashby)

11. Lahore – Baligh Hamdi & Magid Khan
(Indo-Arabic Variations)

12. Wahda Wa Noss – Hassan Abou Seoud
(Viva Belly Dance)

13. Korkulu Rüya – Erkin Koray
(Elektronik Türküler)

14. Pop or Not – Chico Magnetic Band

15. Black Satin – Miles Davis
(On the Corner)

16. A World of Masks – The Heliocentrics
(Out There)

17. Moon Dance – Sun Ra and His Myth Science Arkestra
(Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy)

18. Girls’ dance from Siliana, Tunisia – Various Ensembles – Recorded by Mardi Rollow, in Morocco & Tunisia
(Music of the Shikhat)

19. The Minstrel’s Woe – Dzhavanshir Kuliyev
(Ashik Kerib)

20. Hamlet’s Ghost – Jamal Mohamed

21. Arabian Valley – Teddy Lasry
(Flashstrap Bibliotheque Exotique Vol. 3)

22. Taboo – Arthur Lyman

23. Nahna Wil Amar Jiran – Fairuz